Our goal at Archbishop Catholic Sports College is to raise aspirations, inspire and encourage pupils to consider a wide range of careers.

Through careers education and guidance, our desire is to:

  • Encourage our students to make the most of their talents:
  • Help them progress into jobs or courses that suit their needs and intelligence.

To achieve this we provide a number of structured workshops and enrichment activities throughout our students' school life.

How we Implement our aims

In Year 8

  • Introduction to careers and the local and national labour market.
  • Inspirational enrichment activities focussed on enhancing belief and self- confidence.

Also student receive individual interviews regarding the appropriate of option choices for Year 9 with staff, parents are also involved within the process.

In Year 9

We have dedicated four periods during the academic year to career development. This equates to nearly four hours of time focussed on raising aspirations.

  • Students understand how to research careers using the National Careers Service website.
  • Work in teams to research importance skills, qualifications and salaries when investigating careers.
  • Students work in teams of 5 and present their findings back to the class
  • Students learn the different pathways possible when making careers choices including school, apprenticeships, studio schools, colleges and training providers.

In addition students engage in a number of enrichment activities throughout the academic year including:

  • Communication skills
  • University visits

Photographs below shows Year 9 students participating in careers lessons.

In Year 10

Students participate in two lessons that expand from Year 8 by concentrating on more specific pathways.
Students learn how to use GOSP (GOALS, OBJECTIVES, STRATEGIES, PLANS) a technique used to plan and achieve goals.

In addition students engage in a number of enrichment activities throughout the academic year including:

  • Communication skills
  • University visits
  • Full enterprise day during an Enrichment Day

We are also committed to introducing our students to leading local entrepreneurs. Many of the sessions include guest speakers and interactive Skype presentations.

In Year 11

Students participate in two lessons which expand from Years 9 and 10 by concentrating on qualifications and skills required to be successful in a certain industry.

  • Students participate in interactive Skype sessions with leading employers.
  • Students engage in a questions and answer sessions to understand more from experts on a range of careers.
  • Students are also involved in specific industry visits to understand apprenticeship opportunities - e.g. Jaguar Land Rover
  • All students in Year 11 receive information regarding their next steps and local opportunities.

Students take part in motivation days with leading local employers including Terry Nelson who works with Real Madrid and other athletes including Maradona as shown below.

In Year 11

All students in Year 11 receive information regarding their next steps and local opportunities.

Students who have been identified as potential risks - of not engaging into further education participate in sessions to enhance their employability.

Please see link below how our school has been part of a programme to prevent NEET in partnership with local employers and the Local Authority.

Also included in our provision in Year 11 is:

  • Internal 1-2-1 Careers guidance
  • University Taster days
  • Sixth Form Taster days

Photo below shows our students and teachers along with Nick Small (centre) Local Authority and John Barrow Operations Director of HMS. (Front right)

Years 12 & 13

In sixth form all students are encouraged to apply to University and the school financially supports every application. Students receive focussed HE support in applying to all categories of Universities Oxbridge, Russell Group, and local HE institutions.

We also support progression on to Higher Apprenticeships and deliver our own programme in Financial Services with leading local and national organisations.

Our students participate in:

  • Higher Education Workshops
  • Work Inspiration – Work experience placements with local and national employers.
  • Vocational links in all double award courses
  • UCAS Workshops
  • University life – Oxbridge visits
  • Employability Interviews with local and national employers
  • University of Liverpool Scholars Programme
  • Social Mobility Programme
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Access to work placements in range of industries including teaching, law, construction.
  • FA Coaching Badges
  • First Aid courses
  • Internal 1-2-1 Careers Guidance
  • Refereeing Qualifications
  • Access to CISI Securities, Investment, Compliance, Derivatives.

Below photographs show our students participating in work experience and careers discussions.

Students all have access to this channel and resources:

Life after Archbishop Beck

Please click the below links to see a selection of our students progressing and succeeding in their chosen careers.

We like to extend our congratulations to our previous Year 13 students who are studying in a range of universities

All students receive career education embedded within their curriculum from Years 7-13. We have added some links to specific websites that you may find useful.

Local Sixth Form Colleges

Training Opportunities

Connexions Website

Media General Vacancies

Armed Forces

Emergency Services

Local University Webites

Interactive database of charitable trusts, scholarships and commercial / professional organisations offering them

Career Choices

Specialist Careers Portals

Social Issues and Legal Advice

Health and Learning Difficulties

Careers Information Youth and Special Help

European and International Gap Opportunities

Special Interest and Voluntary Experience

Voluntary Work


The Co-ordination Committee for International Voluntary Service

Voluntary Work Information

Employment Links

Equal Opportunities

Online Recruitment Advice and Vacancies

Exam Help

University & Study Information

Year 12 Work Inspiration

As part of the Sixth Form study programmes all Year 12 students were involved in work placements during June and July.

Students were interviewed and placed into appropriate organisations that reflected their option choices and their future careers aspirations.

Students' worked in a range of industry sectors including: health, architecture, construction, education, engineering, sport/leisure, legal and finance.

The students had a very worthwhile experience and we would like to thank all of the businesses involved as the experience will support the students future HE and career aspirations.


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