Catch-Up Premium

The Government have made a commitment to provide additional funding to school for students who did not achieve at least level 4 in Key Stage 2 National Curriculum tests in reading and or mathematics.

The purpose of this funding is to allow schools to deliver additional support, such as individual tuition or small group work for those students that need it most.

We have made the decision to provide one to one tuition for students at level 3. The programme that we are using is called ‘Catch-up’ in literacy and mathematics. It is a structured one to one intervention for 15 minutes twice per week.

Catch-up literacy uses a book based approach to support learners in their reading of a book so they activate word recognition processes (including phonics) and language comprehension processes.

Catch-up numeracy addresses 10 key components of numeracy:

  • Counting verbally
  • Word problems
  • Counting objects
  • Translation
  • Reading and writing
  • Remembered facts
  • Hundreds, tens and units
  • Derived facts
  • Estimation
  • Ordinal numbers

There are currently 22 students in the numeracy programme and 20 students in the literacy programme. Their progress is monitored through:

  • Levelled assessment as part of the whole school assessment policy
  • ‘Catch up’ literacy and numeracy assessments

Funding received £25,000

Funding allocation

  • Staffing £27.607
  • Resources £880 (Books, Maths Box, Photocopying)

Total spending £28.487


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