Welcome to the Geography Department

Meet Our Staff

  • Miss L Graham (Head of Department)
  • Miss K Booth
  • Mr J Duncan
  • Mr P Wade
  • Mrs J Jessop (Teaching Assistant)

Aims and Objectives of the Department

The Geography Department aims to provide fun, interesting and challenging lessons that will allow all students the opportunity to succeed and become enthusiastic about Geography.

All students will be encouraged to understand, respect, value and engage with not only their own cultures and traditions but those of others and to develop a sense of their own place in the world. Students with study real world issues and begin to travel the world from their classroom, exploring case studies in the United Kingdom (UK), higher income countries (HICs), newly emerging economies (NEEs) and lower income countries (LICs).

All students will be given the opportunity to reach their full potential and realise their aspirations.

All students will be encouraged to become independent learners with the aim of developing their self-esteem and confidence. They will be able to explore and develop ideas and learn how to assess work critically.

All students will have the opportunity to take part in out of classroom learning.

Key Stage 3

  • The Department delivers the New KS3 curriculum.
  • Students are also encouraged to understand the key processes in Human and Physical Geography with an emphasis upon Tectonics, Weather, Glaciation, Population, Development and Urbanisation.
  • Students are encouraged to extend their locational knowledge with a focus upon Africa, Russia, Asia and The Middle East.
  • Geographical skills are taught in the first half term of year 7 and then built into all schemes of work with globes, maps and atlases routinely used in class.

Key Stage 3 - Most Able

  • Most Able students in KS3 are challenged in the classroom and beyond the classroom.
  • Students are encouraged to write in a concise manner using geographical terms and extended writing tasks are built into all lessons.
  • KS3 revision books are available for More Able students and work is set for students that require independent study.

Key Stage 4

  • The Department teaches the new AQA A GCSE Syllabus. This covers a range of Human and Physical topics including Natural Hazards, Ecosystems, UK Landscapes, The Urban World, Development and Resource Management.
  • These two examinations are worth 75% of the total grade.
  • Two pieces of field work must be completed
  • A third examination is based upon the fieldwork and an advanced information booklet.
  • After school sessions are provided for students to attend revision lessons.

Key Stage 4 - Most Able

  • Most Able students in KS4 are challenged in the classroom and beyond the classroom.
  • The department runs a number of super learning days to focus upon extended writing techniques.
  • All students are provided with revision materials and encouraged to attend sessions in half term holidays.
  • A weekly revision session is held on Tuesdays to target the most able pupils, this will stretch and challenge them to reach their highest potential.

Key Stage 5

  • The Department offers AS and A2 Geography in the Sixth Form.
  • Geography at AS Level covers a range of Human and Physical topics including Population, Health Issues, Rivers and Cold Environments.
  • Geography at A2 Level covers a range of Human and Physical topics including World Cities, Globalisation, Plate Tectonics and Ecosystems.

Key Stage 5 - Most Able

  • • There are currently no A level Geography students. However, as part of the Department action plan we hope to reintroduce Geography as an A level option in 2018-19.

Homework / After School

  • Homework is set on a regular basis by the department and a variety of activities are set for students.
  • Pupils can come after school, to complete homework, in the Geography department.
  • Revision sessions are available every week on a Tuesday and Thursday after school with a particular focus on year 11.
  • KS4 sessions are also provided in half term holidays, focusing upon examination technique.

Motivational Activities

  • GCSE Classes often attend extra sessions in the build up to the examination.
  • Guest speakers are often brought in to class, such as Geography Ambassadors from the Geographical Association.

Additional Information

  • Pupils can use the following websites for revision and to enhance their knowledge.



All pupils at GCSE have log in details for the online eRevision package and should use it on a regular basis.

Cool Geography

Pupils should also make use of GCSEPOD and all past papers are on FROG for pupils to access.

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is also excellent for the Geography GCSE.