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  • For further information on any of the course content or access to the various courses we offer in Media at Archbishop Beck please contact Chris Tench

Aims and Objectives of the Department

  • Media Studies is a very important subject, ultimately combining aspects of Politics, Sociology, History and Economics. It encourages creativity, teaches analytical skills and introduces students to critical ways of thinking about the world around them. These talents are highly valued by schools and universities.

Key Stage 4

From September 2017 we will be offering a BTEC Level 2 First Award in Creative Digital Media Production. The course is designed to inspire and enthuse learners to consider a career in the creative digital media industries, rather than just to participate in media recreationally, for example surfing the web or playing video games.

he units of study will give learners the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge, and develop skills, across the creative digital media sectors, e.g. moving image, video production, digital image design, website design and publishing.

The units of study involved are;

  • Digital media sectors and audience
  • Planning and pitching a digital media product
  • Digital moving image production
  • Website design

Key Stage 5 (A Level)

At Key Stage 5 we offer an AS/A Level qualification in Media Studies using the specification from WJEC. This can be found by accessing the hyperlink above. This course provides an ideal follow on for Media students at KS4 as well as being very accessible to students who have never been involved in Media Studies before. The course allows students to;

  • Study a wide variety of Media products including digital media
  • Develop your own production and pre production skills
  • Get a greater understanding of the fundamental concepts of the Media industry

Course Structure

  • AS (2 Units)
  • Unit 1 - External examination (25% of A Level – 50% of AS Level)
  • Unit 2 - Internal assessment (25% of A Level – 50% of AS Level)
  • A Level (AS Level Units plus a further 2 Units)
  • Unit 3 - Internal assessment (25% of A Level)
  • Unit 4 - External examination (25% of A Level)

Key Stage 5 (BTEC)

At Key Stage 5 we offer a BTEC national qualification in Creative Media Studies. This course allows students to take a different approach to studying the Media and offers a vocational pathway into the industry. We offer both a one year AS equivalent qualification as well as a full 2 year A Level equivalent qualification.

Students follow a vocational route in our BTEC course offering a hands on approach to Media Production. The course includes units covering Website Design, Digital Communication techniques and Video Production as well as teaching standard ways of working in the Digital Media Industry.

The course is 100% coursework assessed.

Qualifications covered

  • 1 year - BTEC Certificate in Media Production (AS equivalent)
  • 2 Years - BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Media Production (A-Level equivalent)

Homework / After School

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Motivational Activities

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PDF Document
For more information on all of the above Key Stage 5 units and information relating to the course.

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