Welcome to the Music Department

Meet Our Staff

  • Mr B Hicks (Director of Music)
  • Mr P Wade

Aims and Objectives of the Department

Our Vision - to inspire and build a love of and involvement in Music throughout our College community.

Our Mission - to give our students, the opportunity to develop their creative musical potential in an inspirational, state of the art, affordable and educational environment.

Our Philosophy - we affirm that Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College is about being involved in:

  • The joy of Music.
  • Using God given Talents.
  • The fun of Music.
  • The opportunity to learn about expression and creativity in Music.
  • Learning about the varied applications of Music in the modern world.
  • Achieving progressive accomplishments in music using the Associated Board Practical and Theory and LCM and Registry of Guitar Tutors examinations.
  • Making new friends.
  • Parental support and involvement.
  • At an affordable cost.

We believe:

  • Music-making helps young people develop their potential, shape their identities and contribute to society.
  • There is a wealth of talent in our College community that needs to be developed.
  • Parental involvement is essential for a child's musical progress.
  • Music is crucially important for the holistic development of the child.
  • The skills, talent and commitment of our tutors are an integral factor in the on-going success of the Music Department and College Music Programme which was endorsed and rated as outstanding by OFSTED in our most recent inspections of 2008 and 2011.

A central tenet of the College's Catholic philosophy is the belief that the most effective Musical Education combines tuition with ensemble performing experience. The Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College Music Programme offers a range of ensembles. These are offered alongside outstanding classroom tuition. The stimulus of making Music together with friends and like-minded musicians of a similar age and/or ability is a key factor in furthering the interests and musical development of each student. The students are now able to record their performances and compositions in our industry standard Recording Studio using state of the art technology such as Cubase, Logic and Sibelius.

Key Features:

  • High quality music instruction in all orchestral instruments, Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Percussion and Voice.
  • Music Scholarships and tuition assistance for any student with financial need.
  • A fully equipped, industry standard Recording Studio with state of the art PC and Mac based technology.
  • Award winning Concert Wind Band, Guitar Ensemble and Choir.
  • Music outreach programmes that serves our Partner Primary Schools.
  • High quality music is taught at GCSE, A – Level and A – Level Music Technology with excellent results.
  • Outstanding opportunities for performance in the College and the wider community.
  • A biennial Performing Arts Tour, recent trips have include Paris, Italy.
  • The College is a centre for the North Liverpool Music Support training Ensembles.
  • Students who have reached the appropriate level of performance are encouraged to participate in the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and Youth Choir.

Key Stage 3

  • Each student is designated an individual keyboard used to learn practical and theoretical elements of Music.
  • Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Percussion and Vocal instruction is given during whole class and individual lessons.
  • We now offer GCSE Music as an option at the end of year 8.
  • Music Technology is phased into the creative process of composition and performance at this stage and this is continued into GCSE and A – Level courses.
  • Listening and Music theory tests are used to establish the fundamental principles of Music.

Key Stage 4

  • The GCSE course is heavily weighted in favour of performance / recording and requires the students to record two pieces / songs on their chosen instrument or voice. This constitutes 40% of the overall mark.
  • Two original songs / compositions are recorded in the studio with Cubase / Logic or using Sibelius 7 software. Each piece constitutes 20% each to the overall mark.
  • A one hour listening test in which the students are asked to write about and describe what they hear constitutes the remaining 20% of the overall mark.
  • Extensive extra – curricular recording and performance opportunities present themselves during this Key Stage with the potential continuation of study at A- Level in mind.

Key Stage 5

We offer the traditional AQA A- Level Music course and as of 2010 we also run the Edexcel Music Technology A- Level. Students are allowed wide – ranging access to the recording facilities and practice rooms during this Key Stage.

Homework / After School

There are numerous performance opportunities, rehearsals, recording sessions and group / individual tuition programmes from our fully qualified Music tutors. Homework tasks are set in College and online and the new Recording Suite is an integral part of this process.

Motivational Activities

The opportunity to perform at World famous venues such as the Philharmonic Hall, St. George’s Hall in Liverpool as well as Concert tours to Europe and Music Education visits to the USA are all an integral part of the fabric for which our Music Department is renowned. Advertising jingles composed and recorded on site have also been aired on commercial radio.




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