Our Curriculum Structure

The curriculum at Archbishop Beck has changed greatly over the past few years in order to prepare our pupils for the demands of the Modern World and to ensure that all pupils can achieve their potential. Our main philosophy is that students are able to access a curriculum that allows them to achieve through a largely 'personalised curriculum'. Literacy and numeracy skills have a high profile throughout the key stages.

Through our curriculum we aim to create successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Year 7 students are placed in subject sets according to the assessment data received from the primary schools. We continually review the performance of all students through an annual programme of assessments to ensure that all students are in a position to achieve their targets.

Students may be in different sets in different subject areas depending on progress.

Students follow the National Curriculum with an emphasis on literacy. This means that students in year 7 study six lessons of English each week. We believe that by developing excellent literacy skills, our students will be able to access all aspects of the curriculum. We recognise that in order to achieve academic excellence, students must be able to read, interpret and present information in a variety of ways to a very high standard.

Students who need additional help with literacy will receive individual focussed support to ensure that they reach their expected levels.

In year 8 students continue to follow the National curriculum subjects. Some students are given the opportunity to study an additional language to further develop their linguistic skills.

English and maths continue to be studied daily and in science some students will begin to focus on the individual sciences, physics, chemistry and biology.

Students also have the opportunity to study Drama, Citizenship and Computing.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum (Years 9, 10 & 11)

At the end of year 8 students undertake a formal option process. Students are placed in pathways that are influenced by their potential and prior attainment. The advice process involves students, parents, staff and outside agencies.

In Years 9, 10 & 11 students study a core curriculum and a set of option subjects that enable all students to reach their full potential. The curriculum aims to support our students to become independent, confident and dynamic learners.

The curriculum design also allows all students to meet the requirements of Progress & Attainment 8 and some students the English Baccalaureate suite of subjects.

Core Subjects

English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science Core & Additional, Physical Education and Religious Education.

Option Subjects

Art & Design, Business Studies, Dance, Drama, Fashion & Textiles, Food, ICT,  Media Studies, Music, Product Design, Travel & Tourism & Sport. 

All students are placed in the English Baccalaureate or Progress 8 pathway.
English Baccalaureate Pathway.

Core Subjects + 1 Modern Foreign Language + Geography or History + 1 option subject.  
Progress & Attainment 8 Pathway.  

Core Subjects + 1 option from History, Geography, Modern Foreign Language or Computer Science + 2 option subjects.