Ofsted Report

Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College was last inspected by Ofsted in 2015 and received very positive feedback on developments made by the school. Speaking about the report, our Headteacher, Mr Dickinson said, “The pupils, staff and wider school community have worked tirelessly to improve and further develop the school and it is heartening that this is recognised by Ofsted. I am tremendously proud of our school and our great achievements, but you can be certain we will continue to work hard in our strive for excellence.”

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Ofsted Quotes
  • This is a compassionate school, where individuals are valued and nurtured.
  • There is an almost palpable sense of pride and ambition, shared by all members of the school community.
  • Students speak highly of the support they receive from staff.
  • Leaders at all levels demonstrate a passionate commitment to improving students' achievement.
  • The headteacher has provided inspirational direction to the school, steering it carefully on its challenging journey.
  • The proportion of students gaining five GCSEs at A* to C grades has risen year-on- year.
  • Disabled students and those who have special educational needs make good progress.
  • The sixth form is highly inclusive.
  • Students appreciate the high quality teaching and support that they receive.
  • Students are encouraged to set their sights high.
  • The curriculum is innovative and finely tuned to suit the needs, abilities and aspirations of each individual student.
  • As one student commented: 'Expectations are high, there's always someone to support you and a place for you to learn.'
  • Teachers use questioning highly effectively to probe students' knowledge and understanding.
  • Information and communication technology is used highly effectively in many lessons.
  • A mature and purposeful atmosphere was thereby created, entirely conducive to learning.
  • Most students say that they feel safe in the school and the overwhelming majority of parents and carers echo this point of view.
  • The school is a harmonious community where students and staff show a great deal of respect for one another.
  • Students mix well together socially at break times and at lunchtime.
  • Inspectors also found students' behaviour to be good.
  • There is a unified sense of purpose, underperformance is challenged robustly and there is a culture of accountability.
  • The school has matured on its journey and the impact of initiatives designed to improve outcomes and provision are now clearly discernible.
  • The perception of the school in the local community has gone from strength to strength.
  • There is a tangible determination to improve the life chances of all students through a curriculum that is tailored well to their needs and abilities.
  • The specialism is also characterised by outstanding practice in teaching and has contributed highly effectively to the school's drive to improve the quality of provision.
  • The governing body demonstrates loyalty and commitment, providing well-informed challenge and support to the school.
  • As one parent commented: 'My son's life has been enriched in terms of music, sport and other extra-curricular activities.
  • I would not hesitate to recommend this school to other parents.