News from the Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers

The Transformative Power of Sport and the Desire to be the Best.

As we now approach the final term of our academic year, I reflect back on the name of our college, that is Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College. I look around our city of Liverpool and see the vital role that sport plays in the health of individuals, the life of communities and the promotion of our great city of Liverpool in two colours, Red or Blue ! Our sporting fraternity also show what hard work, dedication and a commitment to excellence can achieve. Examinations are the life blood of our academic system and I urge all our students to be fully committed, passionate and aspire to do their very best.

The people of Liverpool are passionate about their sport, whether as participants or as supporters, whether following the fortunes of their local football club or the national team. Sport brings us together, builds communities and lets us celebrate the joy of movement and skill. Good sport makes everyone a winner. Good examination results makes YOU a winner.

When we first experience sport we begin to learn lessons that can last us a lifetime, whether as a member of a team or pursing an individual sport. We learn the discipline of playing within the rules of a sport, that you cannot handle the ball in football, throw it forward in rugby, run with it in basketball, or bowl from beyond the crease in cricket. We learn about persistence and aspiring to our personal best, that skills do not come easily and that a champion team can beat a team of champions!

Sport also holds a mirror up to our society. It reflects the best in us as individuals and as a nation. I would say to our student community and especially those preparing for public examinations over the coming weeks, be disciplined in your approach to your studies, aspire to do your personal best, work at the skills your teachers teach you to do well in your examinations.

Aspire to be a true reflection of our wonderful community that is Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College and remember the college motto “ONLY THE BEST WILL DO”

Paul Dickinson