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A Christmas Message from the Headteacher

We contemplate God's mercy in the Nativity scene – Pope Francis

One of our most treasured Christmas traditions is displaying the Nativity or Christmas Crib during this holy season. It is a joyful remembrance of the occurrences surrounding and leading up to the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

As you enter the College, you will notice that our nativity scene takes pride of place and a tangible reminder of that first Christmas. Saint Francis of Assisi helped popularize the devotion to the Christmas Crib in an Italian town called Greccio, the year was 1223.

Perhaps Pope Francis sums up the Christmas crib for us when he said "I invite you, then,", "to pause before the Nativity scene, for there God's tenderness speaks to us. There we contemplate divine mercy, made flesh so that we gaze tenderly upon it."

As 2016 draws to a close, I most sincerely thank all in the College community who have worked tirelessly for the young people in our care, those that support them at home, those that teach them and provide support in so many other ways.

My final wish is for you and your families is in this prayer:


by Dorothy Glinski

Jesus, You came to us, on this the most holiest of nights, to show us the way to your Heavenly Father.

Grant us the grace to be more helpful, to our fellow human beings.

The compassion to understand other peoples' problems and fears.

The realisation, that everyone needs to be loved, the homeless, the rich, the poor, the old, the middle age, and the young.