News from the Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers

One of the joys of being a Headteacher is being able to attend the exhibitions, awards events, performances, shows, and everything else our College does to showcase the work of staff and students. And it is wonderful to see the talents of our students develop over their time with us, and we strongly support their aspirations.

The end of the summer term is one of the best times in the College calendar. We have seen the wonderful "Last Night of the Proms" concert showcasing the fantastic talent of so many of our wonderful students. This was a truly inspirational evening for the college community and I know also that it was for our students and many former students who returned. Great to see so many Sons and Daughters of the College return to their Alma Mater.

The Dance Fever shows earlier in the term, all provided opportunities for our students to demonstrate what they had learned over their time with us, supported by very talented and dedicated staff.

Everyone at the College works incredibly hard during the year, and examination time is particularly stressful (special thanks to the examination team for organizing this huge task so well). So it is easy for us to forget the positives and I do direct you to the college website to get the full picture of our amazing achievements in this "YEAR OF CELEBRATION."

We must never forget why we are here and the difference we do make for our students. Talking to them, to parents and the wider community they are all greatly appreciative of all that we do and achieve for the young people in our care. The end of the year is a timely reminder of why our work is so worthwhile.

Every blessing to you and your families – have a wonderful summer break.

Paul Dickinson