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Letter from the Head teacher following the National Lockdown – 6th January, 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

As you will be aware during the national lockdown, announced yesterday, the College will be closed for this half term for the majority of students. The national lockdown is the correct decision to keep students, staff and the community safe, but it will, yet again, impact on your children’ education. We will do all we can at the College to ensure that they are not disadvantaged and still receive a high quality education.

The College will remain open for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers only. Please email if you require your child to attend College. The College will be open from 8:30am -2:45pm each day. Your child should use their normal College entrance and go straight to their bubble area where they will be registered. Students entering the College during lockdown will have the opportunity to take regular Covid-19 tests if permission is granted by parents/carers. Further information and guidance will be sent to parents in due course.

Whilst schools are closed it is vital that your child continues with their work. Please see the expectations listed below that have been put in place to ensure that students can continue to learn from home.

Guidance for students

Every year group will have the same provision for their education, from Year 7 to Year 13.

Students should log on each day and follow their normal timetabled lessons.

As with recent periods of student self-isolation we are planning for lessons to be delivered by Microsoft Teams, live or voiceover, as well as by learning platforms such as Google Classroom, MathsWatch and Kerboodle. Students are now very familiar and confident in accessing Microsoft Teams and the learning platforms but if issues do arise please contact the College at and clearly explain what the issue is. A member of staff will respond to help you resolve the problem.

Students should work in their remote learning books whenever possible. If your child does not complete their work you will be contacted by a member of the pastoral team. Please follow the College procedure if your child is unwell, or is unable to complete their work, by contacting the College by email or telephone.

Each week students will have an assembly delivered by Teams at the following times:

Year 7: Monday - 12.30pm
Year 8: Wednesday - 12.30pm
Year 9: Wednesday – 12.30pm
Year 10: Thursday 12.30pm
Year 11: Thursday – 12.30pm
Year 12: Friday - Lesson 3
Year 13: Friday - Lesson 4

The Department for Education has stated that external exams will not take place in their current format in this summer. However, we are awaiting further guidance on alternative arrangements that will be put into place to award GCSE and A ‘Level grades so it is vital that Year 11 and Year 13 students continue to engage with all their remote learning.

Liverpool City Council Letter

If there are any concerns with accessing work online, or any other concerns, please email and staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best wishes and stay safe
Paul Dickinson

Year 7 Intake 2021 College Virtual Tour

This year we are unable to host our informative, engaging and exciting Open Evening due to current Covid-19 restrictions.

Please click on the link below to see a virtual tour of our outstanding college and a typical day at Archbishop Beck Catholic College.

We are hoping to visit our local primary schools in the week beginning 28th of September.

Application packs will be delivered to many local primary school or you may click on the Admissions tab (above) to access the same information.

Alternatively, you can collect an application pack from our reception.

PLEASE NOTE all applicants must complete the College supplementary form and return to the College, addressed to Mrs. Ellen Keegan.

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Letter from Headteacher 10th December 2020
Parents and Carers Guide: What to do if someone has symptoms of COVID-19
Risk Assessment 11/12/20

City leaders have come together with a strong message for us all – 15th October, 2020

Statement from NHS/ Public Health England:

We know that students have already missed a lot of teaching time this year and understand that it is important to find the balance between identifying everyone who may be at a genuine risk of developing infection while not asking students and staff to self-isolate unnecessarily.

The time when people who have tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) are infectious to others is from 2 days before the onset of symptoms to 10 days afterwards (or from 2 days prior to the date of their test to 10 days afterwards if they have had no symptoms).

Only people who came into contact with an individual who has had a positive test result for coronavirus (COVID-19) during this time need to be advised to self-isolate.

Welcome to Home Learning

This page will provide you further information if your son/daughter is having to access their education from home due to COVID-19 or any other underlying health conditions.

The work your son/daughter will be completing at home is in line with the sequenced curriculum that would have been taught, if they had been in the College.

Each subject area is using a learning platform to set the work remotely, further information about this can be found below.

If any parent/guardian finds their child having difficulties in gaining access to the work, they are to contact Peter Phillips at

If there are any issues surrounding the work that is being set, parents/carers must contact their child’s Progress Manager who will direct their concerns to departmental areas.

Whilst students are at home, it is advised that they try to adhere to the timetable they would ordinarily follow during the College day. However, due to many circumstances, we appreciate that this cannot always happen and to alleviate any further anxiety students may complete the work set over the course of the week.

Please click on the link below for your child's year group to find work.

Year 7   |    Year 8   |    Year 9   |    Year 10   |    Year 11   |    Year 12   |    Year 13   |   

Email for support

Remote and Blended Learning Policy
Acceptable User Policy - Parents
Acceptable User Policy - Students

News from the Headteacher

Dear parents / carers

A time no-one has experienced before and has led to many challenges on a daily basis for everyone.

Cancelled Examinations

To attend the examinations would potentially put students / families at risk.

Alumni brings Christmas Cheer

During the trying times of the Covid pandemic, art students at Archbishop Beck have behaved commendably.

Alternative Christmas Trees

During the trying times of the Covid pandemic, art students at Archbishop Beck have behaved commendably.

Carol of the Bells

A Christmas treat! See our outstanding dancers perform to the Carol of the Bells.

Somewhere in My Memory

A mixture of song music and dance.

Awards Morning

Normally we would host our Annual Awards Evening in October, however this year due to Covid restrictions this has not been possible.

Risk Assessment

Assessment of Risk for: Model Protection from transmission of Covid-19 during pandemic including all school activities.

Liverpool City Council - Financial Support

This directory provides information and contact details for Services across Liverpool City Council

Parenting through Covid 19

Parenting Through Covid 19 – One city. One Effort.

Liverpool City Council - Urgent Needs Fund

For people who are currently experiencing hardship.

Child Criminal Exploitation

Please read and watch the following resource booklet and video clips.

Free School Meals

The Department for Education will be providing a voucher to the value of £15 each week.

Mental Wellbeing: Secondary

Useful websites for parents and carers.

Online Safety

Please read the following important advice for Parents from Merseyside Police.

Archbishop Beck Catholic College Awards

  • European Union Social Fund
  • Youth Sport Trust
  • Sportsmark Award
  • Sportsmark England
  • Financial Management Standard in Schools
  • School Achievement Award
  • Healthy Schools
  • Arts Council England
  • Creative Partnerships
  • Sports Colleges
  • The Basic Skills Agency Quality Mark
  • School Games Silver 2018/19

Polite Notice to all Visitors, Staff, Students, Parents & Carers

Could I request that all parents/carers who collect and drop off their child from the College do not use the car parking facilities of the local retail stores, for example; The Bed Factory, Fireplace Warehouse & surrounding outlets.
Thank you for your co-operation

Vehicles of any description - this includes cars, bicycles & scooters are stored on the college premises at the owner's risk.
The college will not be held responsible for any loss or damage.