College Crest

A coat of arms or crest of an organisation, such as the College’s crest is a special symbol that is used as an emblem of our identity.

Our shield is surrounded by an Archbishop’s hat, reminding us that our name derives from Archbishop George Arthur Beck, a former Archbishop of Liverpool.

His motto was Adveniat regnum tuum, which translates to “Thy Kingdom Come”.

This Latin phrase was chosen by George Beck when he became Archbishop of Liverpool, as his personal motto on his coat of arms. We also have this phrase at the bottom of our shield. The phrase “thy kingdom come” is from the LORDS PRAYER – The Our Father. This is the official prayer of our College community and is often recited in class prayers and at all official College events.

On the crest you will see a quill, which symbolizes writing and learning. Also, an open book, a sign of knowledge, and written on the book is the prayer, the Our Father. This reminds us of our Christian values in the Catholic Tradition.

The College coat of Arms was designed by Miss Linda Caster, a former teacher at the college. The new crest came into being when the college was reorganised. We were formally known as St Bonaventure’s Catholic High School.

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