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Jesus said we must recognise Him as 'OUR FATHER' not just 'My Father'. This means that we must love everyone without condition. So in the very first line of the prayer we are asking for God's help in our relationship with each other - even those we do not like or we do not even know.

Then Jesus told his friends to say: 'Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven ....'

This means that God's kingdom is here on earth as well as in heaven. It is here on earth whenever or wherever people are living and working together for peace and harmony When people help each other and speak only kindly of each other, when people respect and tolerate each other's differences.

Everyone is different and every person has a right to be different.

Our College, therefore, was chosen with great care. It means that we want God's kingdom to reign here at Archbishop Beck Catholic College. We are asking God's help to bring peace and harmony, tolerance, respect and love into our daily school life. THY KINGDOM COME is written in Latin on our blazers and jumpers. It is close to our hearts. We try to bring these words to life by trying our best to live them each day.

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