Welcome to the Modern Foreign Languages Department

Meet Our Staff

  • Mrs C Stirling (Head of Modern Foreign Languages)
  • Miss J Traynor (2nd in Department - Teacher of Spanish & French)
  • Mrs L Dowd (Teacher of Spanish & French)
  • Miss T Duran Nevado (teacher of Spanish & French)
  • Miss R Adams (HLTA: Spanish & French)
  • Mrs E Loftus (Teacher of French & Spanish)

Our curriculum is organised in such a way that it provides learners with the best opportunities to be successful in their learning. Our principles focus on depth not just breadth by creating a mastery within the curriculum, which stretches learners and accelerates their progress over their 7 year learning journey at our college. In this section of the website you will find the subject intent, implementation and impact.

Alongside this, are our long and medium term plans which enable all stakeholders to have a clear understanding of the content, knowledge and skills taught within this curriculum area. The long term plan also outlines the cultural capital experiences and career opportunities learners have within the subject, as well as our tailored approach to supporting learners' metacognitive processes. Further to these documents, the discrete sequencing of lessons are in the College's bespoke schemes of work that can be accessed through departments.

'Only the best will do!'


We aim to teach our students communication in a foreign language but also an appreciation of other languages and cultures.

Within each academic year we teach different topics that will be of use when communicating in that language be it Spanish or French.

The basis for our Key Stage 3 course allows students to understand the essential grammar concepts of the language as well as key topics that will engage our students in language communication and proficiency.

At Key Stages 4 and 5 we follow the AQA specifications ensuring that our teaching covers the required content for successful entry to external exams.

KS2/3 transition

Our Feeder primaries deliver both Spanish, and French

Pupils in the current Year 7 all study Spanish.

Upon entry into Year 7 all students complete a MFL baseline test in which we endeavor to benchmark their prior learning. The first 2-3 weeks of term in September are a transition phase.

Clearly we understand that there will be differences in attainment amongst pupils therefore we offer an acceleration course and after school club for those pupils who are able to move more quickly in their next step MFL acquisition or who wish to continue to enjoy their previously taught language in a MFL enrichment club.


Students are formally assessed according to the College's assessment timetable at specific points during the academic year. For MFL we aim to ensure that we are able to assess attainment and provide regular feedback for the 4 skills of speaking, listening, reading & writing. Pupil's attainment is measured against Key stage 2 scaled scores and against GCSE targets at Key Stage 4. At Key Stage 5 progress is tracked via ALPs.

Before each assessment period pupils are given thorough guidance on the best techniques to revise a foreign language. Revision sessions are delivered. We aim for each pupil to strive to produce their best work. When necessary intervention is delivered after each assessment to ensure that all pupils are supported in the best way possible.

Pupils can also measure their performance via feedback given to them in their books after specific key activities, use of model answers. Feedback and improvement tasks ensure that pupils understand the next steps in their learning.


The Languages Department aims to produce confident, capable and articulate linguists who can work independently in their Speaking and Writing with a range of vocabulary, tenses and complex structures. Our aim is to also ensure that students have a confident proficiency in their reading and listening skills. We strive to ensure that our students can show an appreciation of the countries where the language is spoken.

Our curriculum is adapted to suit all levels of ability.


Topics are taught from Year 7-11 in a logical order that builds upon vocabulary acquisition and the use of grammar. Topics are frequently revisited to build a depth of knowledge. Sentence construction begins in Year 7 with students taught the basics of word order and verb conjugation. We build on these skills with each topic ensuring that students are able to use the 4 essential skills (speaking, listening, reading & writing) within each topic. By the time students reach Year 11 they are able to produce a 90/150 word essay in the language showing good use of syntax.


European day of Languages is celebrated every year with the department delivering a host of activities which have ranged from external speakers to form quizzes.

Trips to either France or Spain are organised every year to develop an awareness and understanding of the country, its people and culture. Learning a language is important. We aim to challenge the view that learning a language is not necessary.

We offer after-school/Easter/twilight revision sessions to highlight the importance of hard work, independence and co-operation in order to be a successful and productive member of society.


The Modern Foreign Languages Department consistently achieves results in external exams that are well above the national average.

  • 2018 GCSE French: 100% 9-4
    (national average : 69%)
  • 2019 GCSE French : 87% 9-4
    (national average : 70%)
  • 2018 GCSE Spanish: 97% 9-4
    (national average : 70%)
  • 2019 GCSE Spanish : 92%
    (national average : 70%)