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The National Curriculum states that 'teachers should set high expectations for every pupil. They should plan stretching work for pupils whose attainment is significantly above the expected standard.'

At Archbishop Beck Catholic College we aim to provide a curriculum that both stretches and challenges our High Attaining Pupils during their college life and as a result we hope to fulfil their promise and maximise their potential.

Our High Attaining Pupils Policy aims to foster an inclusive approach with pupils being offered additional challenge, breadth and depth via our High Five Lesson Plan. The key principles of Consolidation, Modelling, Challenge, Independence, Response and Feedback aim to help our students to give and achieve their very best in every lesson. The High Five Lesson Plan offers challenge to all therefore we aim to create an atmosphere of inclusive challenge within all classrooms.

In addition our students will be encouraged to build their confidence, be positive, respectful, resilient and motivated always giving their best. These are the Archbishop Beck Catholic College student's key learning characteristics highlighted by both students and staff.

Parental contact is also viewed with the utmost importance with identified students receiving communication regarding their inclusion within the group. Parents are offered additional support to ensure that all High Attaining Pupils are on the right path towards individual success.

Identified students are offered additional support to ensure that they reach the highest possible targets. Within the classroom, staff have a clear understanding of the need to differentiate with extension built into lessons and identified pupils encouraged to extend their work to complete more challenging aspects of the curriculum.


All curriculum areas have a clear policy in which they aim to both support and enhance the academic development of High Attaining Pupils, in particular they focus on the enhanced skills which are needed for pupils to excel in curriculum areas. Each curriculum area delivers a challenging curriculum via The High Five Lesson Plan in which stretch and challenge is offered to all and is a key feature of all schemes of work and Long term plans.

The assessment procedures within the College aim to support and challenge the progress of our High Attaining Pupils. Our assessment periods help staff, students and parents to track their aspirational learning journey ensuring that any underachievement is investigated with intervention established where necessary.

Mentor support is put in place where necessary. A group of Year 12 students named "High Flyers" act as leaning buddies to younger students offering guidance, advice and support when the students require additional intervention.

At Archbishop Beck Catholic College we have very strong partnerships with all local universities that support all year groups in providing a range of enrichment opportunities to raise aspirations and to support academic excellence. The College also participates in a Scholars programme with The University of Liverpool which entails students being given reduced UCAS points offers for their courses. Other opportunities include Pathway to Law and Medicine again in collaboration with The University of Liverpool. Careers guidance is offered to support positive next step destinations.


Progress is monitored in all year groups throughout the academic year with our ultimate goal of ensuring success in final exams. Our assessment periods offer an opportunity to ensure that our High Attaining Pupils are suitably challenged and make adequate progress towards and indeed beyond their targets. Subject areas are asked to ensure that Student Voice forms part of the post assessment analysis process with students asked to analyse their own revision and assessment preparation. Parents are involved in intervention meetings when necessary to ensure improved and continued success.


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