Sunday 24th January 2021

College Band Win Top Award

The Archbishop Beck Catholic College Concert band placed first for a sixth time at the recent Southport Music Festival by capturing the Hornabrook Trophy. The annual competition in Southport included four Groups in the Youth, and Vocal Ensemble Section.

The victory was a repeat of Beck’s performance at the recent Liverpool Music Festival which also saw the College Clarinet Ensemble gain another first place in another section of the Festival.

The band has been practising since the return to school in September to hone their performances. Band Director Bruce Hicks praised the student's performance after receiving the awards. He said he is "proud of all of our hard work that put us in the position to do well competitively." He credited the determination of the students with the band's success.

"The band's success has stemmed from a solid base of music and dedication, leadership, and sheer enthusiasm," Senior Student and Head Boy James said. "The band members are always willing to work to improve their performance. Plus, the staff as always truly push the band to its limits."

“A really remarkable achievement" said Paul Dickinson Head teacher at Beck for a group to consistently perform to the highest standards in a very competitive field.


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