Saturday 29th February 2020

Grade A Maths and Science students in Year 9

Year 9 students achieved some astonishing GCSE results two years ahead of schedule. They began studying modules in Mathematics and Science last September, a year earlier than normal, and they took their first examinations in November and March. The results came into school over Easter and show a level of attainment which few thought possible. Nineteen students (pictured below) have achieved a total of 37 grade A* and A’s. Remarkably, Katy and Roshni scored three A* grades in three tests.

Roshni said ‘I felt very nervous about being entered for my GCSEs in Year 9. After my first module test I was very happy and a lot more confident in my own ability and I would like to go on and study A level Sciences and then go to university.’

Katy said ‘My first thoughts were surprise that I was being entered for these exams at an early age. After these results I felt a lot happier and I am considering doing A levels in Maths and Sciences in the Sixth Form’.

Mathematics teacher Miss Scannell said ‘ I am extremely proud and happy with these results and I hope we keep up this progress in other modules.’

Science teacher Mrs Smith said ‘These results are an excellent reward for the hard work and dedication of the students and the teachers.’


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