Friday 15th January 2021

Work Inspiration Award

On Thursday 24th June 2010, both Archbishop Beck and Merseyrail were each given a Work Inspiration Award at the 'Business in the Community Awards for Excellence' event.

Merseyrail is providing students from Archbishop Beck Catholic College with a unique experience of work in the rail industry. Through their Business Class partnership, Merseyrail have created tailored projects to inspire and motivate the young people through work based scenarios and mentoring.

The Business Class partnership was founded in March 2009 and the partners have focussed on building a strong working relationship and developing projects to support 'challenging' students and provide inspiring work experience. Level 3 BTEC students have been given the opportunity to act as 'Merseyrail consultants', spending one morning a week on site as Merseyrail offices.

Employees of all levels provide training on current industry practice and issues and support students to tackle hands-on assignments and scenarios. Bart Schmeink, Managing Director of Merseyrail also committed his time to mentoring a group of students with behavioural and performance difficulties. Creating incentives action plans, he is supporting students to improve their grades by overcoming issues affecting their achievement.


  • Over 600 students have benefited directly from the partnership
  • Teachers have reported a more mature, independent approach to learning which has directly transferred back to the school environment
  • Mentored students have demonstrated improved academic performance and raised aspirations
  • Staff at both Merseyrail and Archbishop Beck have reported the programme has improved their own personal development


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