Monday 25th January 2021

Award Winning Speech!

A Liverpool school is celebrating after one of its students won the Soroptimists International Liverpool Branch public speaking competition.

Lewis, 14, from Archbishop Beck Catholic College, Liverpool, won the event, in fact it was a unanimous by the judging panel said chair of the panel Mr John Williams.

Lewis gave a speech on “What is the effect of tourism on Liverpool”at the competition, which took place in Liverpool on Saturday 2nd March 2013.

In a statement, the College said: “The standard of all the participants was exceptionally high this year so the College is incredibly proud of Lewis for achieving first place.

“This is another great public speaking success for Archbishop Beck Catholic College.”

Lewis is seen being presented with his awards by Liz McConnell – President Soroptimists International, South Lancashire region.

Lewis' Speech

What is the effect of tourism on Liverpool?

Liverpool has so much to offer the tourist. Tourism has so much to offer Liverpool.

But, please, let me just mention the troublesome effects of some of this tourism on some of the Liverpudlians.

And, for this, we can look at three of Liverpool’s tourist hotspots; each of them just happen to be based on or around the city’s most famous sons: The Beatles.

Just try living in Forthlin Road, Allerton. My auntie does. Number 18. Right next door to where Paul McCartney grew up.

The domestic peace is unfailingly shattered with tourists rolling up at all hours of the day and night (sometimes up to 200 people outside her house) with the snapping of cameras, the tour guides’ repeated commentaries, the vehicles, the parking problems, the voyeuristic peering. It’s like living in a goldfish bowl, my auntie says. And what is her favourite Beatles hit? “Help!”

Try ambling down to the Cavern Quarter, for The Mathew Street Festival. I hear that last year’s was the last of its kind, but I also believe that it was an event dreaded by anyone living in or close to the city centre. One resident wrote to the Liverpool Echo: “What an absolute shame that a city with such a rich musical history resorts to such a tawdry spectacle of naff, fifth-rate, tribute bands. We have to cope with all of the disruption, the loud noise, the unruliness, and gangs of feral youths patrolling the litter-infested streets, clutching their cans of Carlsberg.”

Well, personally, I do hope that the proposed NEW event will make life easier for these city-dwellers.

Try living in Speke. My great nan has lived there all her life, uncomfortably close to the John Lennon airport, the route for so many travellers in and out of this great city.

Planes belching out their poisonous pollutants: nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide. Tiny, treacherous particles, smaller than the width of a human hair, that can lodge deep in the lungs and enter the bloodstream.

She’s always had a nagging cough, my great nan.

And the noise! Gosh, do those old sash windows rattle as the next Ryanair roars overhead!

She’s always been a bit deaf too, my great nan.

But I am young, full of hope and confidence, and I see a very positive future for tourism in Liverpool. And so does my 9-year-old cousin, Liam.

Back in Forthlin Road, every time that the Magical Mystery Tour coach pulls up, Liam is out in his front garden, setting up his dad’s wallpaper pasting table, with a whole array of crisps, sweets and drinks on offer. And he does good business, I can say.

He’s got a future, that young lad – perhaps as a Tourism Chief!


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