Friday 22nd January 2021

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On Monday 11th March, the college will commence a weeklong celebration of reading in a unique and diverse way. The English Department, the driving force behind the event, has organised a celebration which will involve each year group having a designated themed day to commemorate the different styles of genre in literature.

The event will enhance students’ adulation of reading through a range of creative and credible workshops, which will also underpin their literacy skills.

The purpose of this event is to raise the profile of reading dramatically throughout the school using a wide range of innovative ideas to promote and sustain pupils’ interest in reading. Alongside the themed days a range of activities will also take place, this includes: all departments within the college celebrating the event by exploring a range of literature in relation to their subject area, quizzes and competitions in form time and in the LRC at lunchtime, which also includes a ‘Guess the teacher’ feature quiz and a ‘Scholastic Book Fair’ will be present in the LRC at lunchtimes and afterschool.

The whole college is incredibly excited about the event and the impact it will have on our students’ love of reading. We would also like the school community to be a part of the celebration and are very welcome to attend the Scholastic Book Fair from 3-4pm on Monday 11th March through to Thursday 14th March.


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