Tuesday 20th October 2020

Beyond the Lab

So what have we been doing in Science this year? Well it's not all lab work and experiments. Some of our pupils have been given the opportunity to break out of the lab and experience Science in the real world. Here is a summary of what's been going on this year.

Chester Zoo

The annual trip to Chester Zoo gives our students an excellent chance to experience adaptations of animals up close! Year 7 had a fantastic day out, even in the Bat Cave!


Year 8 had an excellent day out experiencing cool chemistry. They recycled plastic into new key rings and got to play with serious super-fluids.

Spectroscopy Workshop

A Level Chemistry Students spent the morning at University of Liverpool getting to grips with Spectroscopy.

Daresbury Labs

This was an excellent opportunity for students to see what kind of jobs there are in Science. They were able to get involved with some of the work undertaken at the lab, first hand.

Ogden Trust Activities

Nuclear Physics Master Classes

Our A Level Physics student had exclusive expert tuition on new nuclear technologies from University of Liverpool lecturers.


4 lucky Physics students were given an all expenses paid trip to CERN in Geneva courtesy of the Ogden Trust. This once in a lifetime trip was a wonderful chance to see the latest developments in Particle Physics Research. We were amongst the first people to see the accelerators up close after an 80 floor journey down in a bomb proof lift!

National Space Academy

6th Form Students spent the day making comets, rockets and took a simulator trip to Mars! They did a little bit of Physics too. They were able to look at the Cosmos in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium.


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