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Work Inspiration Case Study

Work Inspiration Year 10 June and July 2013

Over the last three weeks Year 10 students have been involved in a ‘Work Inspiration’ programme supported by BITC (Business in the Community) and their partner organisations.

On Friday the students who had attended placements at Liverpool City Council had to give a presentation and received certificates to recognise their achievements. Can I take the opportunity to congratulate all the students who were fantastic ambassadors for the school, and thank BITC and all the businesses involved for providing excellent placements.

Case Study Paul Murphy Merseyrail

To give you an insight some of the students completed a diary of their experience on their placements.

Day One

On my first day of work experience, I was very nervous as I had never worked within a business before and I was apprehensive and not sure what to expect. In the morning time I was greeted by some of the staff who gave me an induction and explained key skills such as telephone etiquette. After my lunch break I met Anthony Riding who worked within the accident and safety department, Anthony explained to me what happens when an accident occurs and how they are stored on a data base.

Day Two

The second day within Merseyrail was my personal favourite as I visited the Engineering Department in Birkenhead (one of many train depots) here I met with Kevin who was the engineering depot manager. Kevin gave me a tour of the depot where I learnt more about the trains and the role of the engineers within Merseyrail. After lunch break, I met with Mike Jones who had explained to me current projects that Merseyrail are working on for example refurbishing the Lime Street underground station; this is a very large project costing millions of pounds. Mike also explained about the property that Merseyrail own and how they keep it all in good working condition.

Day Three

On the third day I went to Liverpool Central Station where I was greeted by Claire Jenkins and her team who make sure the station is clean and safe. Her team had shown me how they perform their day to day duties, and how they work as a team to make sure that the stations safety is properly maintained. In the afternoon I learnt more about the purchase orders of Merseyrail and as part of my role I had to fill in the purchase orders and file them.

Day Four

On the fourth day I visited the Control Centre at Sandhills which is where everything within the network is controlled, CCTV cameras, time boards for trains, and also the rail network, this was all very new to me as I had never guessed that a place like that existed. In the afternoon I met with the marketing team at Rail House who explained projects they were working on. The marketing team keep control of the social media and the advertising tasks that go on throughout Merseyrail for example advertising through twitter and Facebook.

Day Five

On my final day I was feeling quite sad as I was leaving all the new people that I had met, I gave a presentation to the management team explaining my experience and what skills I have gained from my placement. I feel that I have learned a great deal about how large organisations work and how communication and teamwork are vital in running a successful business. After the presentation I created my CV with Joanne Kelly from the HR department which will be very important for when I am trying to get a job.


Overall I really enjoyed my 'work inspiration' with Merseyrail, and would happily do it all over again. This experience has changed the career path that I want to follow as now I would like to go on and work with Merseyrail within the engineering department.

I have been offered an extra week's placement at Merseyrail in the summer holiday within engineering which will give me a greater insight. I would like to thank all the staff involved for a great week. Thank you.

Work Inspiration Merseyrail Siobhan Kilbane - Head of Learning & Development

"At Merseyrail we recognise the benefits of work experience for both the individual and the business. For the individual, it is an invaluable tool to develop key skills that are highly sort after by employees; the types of skills that can't be taught in an academic environment.

From a business perspective, the students can offer fresh ideas and enthusiasm, and the process of the programme itself; planning, implementation and evaluation, gives scope for our employees to develop their coaching and mentoring skills, widening their own experience.

Merseyrail is proud to have been given the opportunity to support the most recent placements with Archbishop Beck and we're pleased to announce that both individuals have been invited back in the summer following positive feedback from managers and key sponsors across the business."

Siobhan Kilbane, Head of Learning & Development

Case Study Madeline Kinsella Adult Social Service Liverpool City Council

To give you an insight some of the students completed a diary of their experience on their placements.

Turning Work Experience into Work Inspiration. Madelaine Kinsella Adult Social Services.

Over the past weeks Year 10 students have taken a week from the classroom and dived into the working world with different job placements around the city. These varied from self-placements and placements in which the school set up. All the students so far have benefited from their 'Work Inspiration' whether by gaining key skills such as teamwork, communication, leadership and confidence within a working environment or being guided to future paths they want to take.

I, Madelaine Kinsella, and five other students had a placement with Liverpool City Council under Adult Health and Social Care. On this placement we worked with adults who had different disabilities as well as visiting centres and programmes ran to give different people, who have come from all different backgrounds support. Some of the places we visited include:

Granby Centre, Speke and Alderwood Resource Centres, Speke Hall, Sudley House, Princes Primary School, Noah's Ark Community Centre, Dutch Farm, Sedgemoor Centre for Dementia, and Chung Hok House.

I and my peers found this experience an extremely memorable and a useful one. Personally, from this experience I have gained numerous skills and a deeper understanding of the profession. I have gained a lot of confidence and independence within a work environment. It has taught me not to judge a book by its cover by hearing stories from some people who have led a very colourful life. (In fact we met a woman who was very good friends with Beatle John Lennon as well as Harry Scott, a British boxer and contender in the middleweight division during the 1960s). It has taught me how lucky I am and that work isn't always a nine to five office job and rewards aren't always a wage. The experience was so influential that a few of my peers are now considering and making plans towards following a career in this industry.

This Work Inspiration was indeed inspiring. An eye opening experience which will benefit my future in whatever I decide to do.


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