Friday 22nd January 2021

Awards Evening

‘Don’t give up when times are difficult you can make the change to your life’

Andy Grant, former Royal Marine, received a standing ovation at the Archbishop Beck Catholic Sport College’s Awards Evening on Wednesday 16th October at St. George’s Hall. The evening was to celebrate all the achievements of the students at the College and also gave the opportunity for outstanding performances from the College’s concert band, chamber choir and drama students. However, the evening was further made special by Andy Grant, who explained the challenges he has faced in life.

Andy was seriously injured in Afghanistan whilst on patrol with the Royal Marines and had to have part of his leg removed. Andy inspired the students and guests as he explained how since then he has abseiled down the tallest building in London and competed in both 10km and half marathons. His message was clear ‘no matter what happens to you in life the ball is always in your court and it is the decisions that you make that will determine your future’.


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