Friday 22nd January 2021

Shanghai Visit!

Ni Hao! (Hello) On 4th July 2010, I Rebecca and Sarah went all the way across the world to Shanghai. The reason that we went to Shanghai was because we were selected to represent Archbishop Beck Catholic College and act as ambassadors for our school. We were to take part in the World Expo 2010 along with students from other Liverpool schools for the ‘Children’s Delegation’. This was such a great experience for the two of us and I will never forget my experience.

Over in Shanghai we worked on the World Expo site in the Liverpool pavilion alongside Liverpool city council workers and some Chinese university students who where all so kind and welcoming. We felt right at home. We also visited as much of the Expo site as we possibly could. It was absolutely huge. We went to see as many other pavilions as we could which was really interesting as it gives you an insight in to what other cities and countries are like.

We visited a Chinese high school, and the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University which is in the city of Suzhou. Here we learnt the art of writing in Chinese and tried our hands at paper cutting. Also we went on trips to see the world financial centre which in the second tallest building in the world and the pearl tower. The views from both of the buildings were breath-taking. We both have had a taste of Chinese culture and their way of life; learning how they live, what they eat and drink, and we learnt some of the Chinese language.

Our group did so much in China. It was fantastic, and will remain in our minds forever. It was a life changing experience and we would love to travel back to Shanghai again in the near future. We have met some great people through the trip. Whilst we were in Shanghai everyone was just so nice to us and they treated us with great respect, as we did back to them. We enjoyed our 7 nights in Shanghai. It is amazing to see how much both cities are alike (twinned-cities) but then how different they are too. I could talk about it for hours, we loved it. What an experience it was!

Rebecca and Sarah


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