Tuesday 19th January 2021

The College goes Shopping for Funds in ASDA

On Saturday 23rd November, 3 members of staff, Mr Begusch, Ms Lockett (MFL) and Mr Nelson (Maths) and four pupils were involved in a fundraising project in ASDA, Norris Green. The pupils were, Lucy and Erin of Year 9, Demi and Jack of Year 7 and George of Year 8.

The aim of the project was designed to raise funds for an educational school trip to Malaga, Spain next year and to support Project Ghana - a charity project to equip schools in deprived communities in Ghana.

The bag packing started at 9am in the morning and lasted till 2pm in the afternoon. In brief, it was a new experience, fun and rewarding.

Figure 1

Lucy and Erin busy at the till. In the background is Assistant Headteacher, Mr Begusch, assisting a customer.

Figure 2

Mr Nelson with a past pupil, Mr Daniel Pritchard (part time worker in ASDA), and a current business student from The University of Liverpool. Mr Pritchard completed his GCSE in 2008 and A Level in 2010.


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