Tuesday 20th October 2020

Mission Day held in the College

On February 14th 2014, we were extremely privileged to be able to work with the Animate Team Ministry. (The Archdiocesan Youth Ministry Team) In a very busy, fun packed day years 7, 8, 9 had the opportunity to work with the Team and share fun and laughter. The theme for the day was “Travelling together in Faith”. This was a chance for our years 7, 8, 9 to look at their faith and the value they place upon that faith. The travelling together in Faith theme linked in with the move to the new site later this year.

The day consisted of a main session with the whole year taking part in the Drama Studio. The next session was done in form class groups and explored the idea of the values we place on various things in our lives.

Each year group experienced football dress up, a clip from the Avengers, a drama about the body of Christ, then one of the team Dom gave a mini testimony of his faith journey, again in keeping with the main theme of the day. Dom’s mini testimony was very touching and a sincere overview of his faith journey. After the mini testimony, it was time for the students to rise to the challenge and engage with the Team Ministry on a class level. The theme for this session was to look at the values we place on things within our lives. What we give high importance too and what we do not feel is important at all.

The class session was in the form of an auction and the challenge was to see how to spend 1,000 pounds on various items. Each group seemed to enter into this challenge enthusiastically and they certainly bid in a very vocal manner indeed. They had to place value upon the following areas in their lives, Health, Good Job, Pets, Car, Good Social Life, Faith, with the outcome being unpredictable. A few groups, bet too much on one item and secured it and then could not buy anything else. The buzz after the challenge seemed to show that the students really enjoy the exercise. It also showed the students how they placed too much stress on various material needs without making any provision for others. At the end of the session they were asked about the value they placed on Faith.

To round the day off they were each given a footprint to fill in with the things they hold important within their lives. Then the leader of the group used the Footprints Prayer to bring things together and finish the session.

The students seemed to enjoy the day and the team were very happy to come into school and work with the students on another occasion. A huge thank you to everyone involved with the day and especially a big thank you to the Animate Team.


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