Friday 15th January 2021

Reading Week - Shiverpool

Monday 3rd March heralded the start of our annual Reading Week which proved, once again, to be a roaring success.

Archbishop Beck students immersed themselves in a wide variety of activities which included: year 7 writing workshops provided by past pupil and talented author, Jennifer Smedley; ‘A Taste of Shakespeare’, a drama workshop which enabled students to savour a range of excerpts from Shakespeare’s plays; ‘Reading Between the Lines’ which allowed students to help private detective Jimmy James unravel a mystery calling upon skills of inference and deduction, and ‘Soundscape Poetry’ which developed descriptive writing skills through a series of team activities.

We were also delighted to welcome illustrator and writer, Adam Murphy and scriptwriter, Elwyn ‘Slim’ Parry who delivered fun and engaging activities for our year 9 students. Local theatrical company, Shiverpool joined us on Friday to provide a captivating Gothic performance for our year 10 students; a special commendation should be made to year 10 pupil, Taylor who demonstrated her exceptional musical skills with an impromptu performance on the keyboard. A range of fun and engaging interactive workshops followed providing opportunities to develop a Gothic scene, and explore character development using theatrical make-up.

On Thursday and Friday, year 8 students were privileged to experience the magic of the theatre with a trip to see a performance of ‘Private Peaceful’ at the Playhouse. A compelling and moving account of the First World War, this 80 minute monologue swept students on a storytelling journey that they will never forget.

Students have engaged in a number of competitions and activities throughout the week. Winners of our ‘Guess the Title’ competition will be drawn week commencing Monday 17th March.

Special thank you to Ben (Year 9) who edited the Shiverpool footage.

Good luck!


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