Wednesday 21st October 2020

International Festival for Business Event

Archbishop Beck attending an International Festival for Business Event at Liverpool Town Hall on Thursday 19th June. The event was for schools to showcase the excellent business links they have forged and to show how these business links have benefited young people

We wanted other schools and businesses to see how our partnership with Rathbones has helped give young people excellent Apprenticeship opportunities. Rathbones Apprentices came along to speak to others about the benefits of Apprenticeships and how Apprenticeships have helped them. It gave other young people the opportunity to listen to the benefits of Apprenticeships, and it also gave other businesses the chance to hear first-hand, about how they can provide opportunities for young people.

The support of businesses like Rathbones has been phenomenal and we want other businesses to follow suit and unlock the talent that we have here in Liverpool. We need businesses to engage with us as a school so that this excellent programme we have in place can grow.

If you would be interested in taking on a Business and Administration Apprentice, then please contact Joanne Welsh who will provide you with further information about how an Apprentice would be a valuable asset to your organisation.


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