Wednesday 21st October 2020

87th Performing Arts Festival Report

In the week of February 28th - March 4th the 87th annual Liverpool performing arts festival was held.

This was my 9th year of performing at the festival and it was a very successful week for the College.

Each year the senior Concert Band, Training Band, Ensembles, Soloists and a recent addition to the music department our Chamber Choir compete in the festival. This year was our best medal tally achieving 6 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals also two outstanding special trophies.

The festival is always a busy week and there is a lot of practice and time, Over the months as a band and soloists we all have to work hard and work together. To be able to work as a team and perform as a team is very rewarding for all of us and to win as a team makes it even better.

Throughout the week there were also numerous other classes that members of the band performed in, I performed in two singing classes and a instrumental class, gaining 2nd place in the instrumental class. Grace also gained 2nd place in her instrumental class along with Lee. Beverly gained 1st place in her instrumental class. Other soloists who also represent the College in instrumental classes were: Elspeth, Sophie, Katy, Jennifer, Rachael, Sean, Kelly and Amy.

The Senior Concert Band gained 1st place in both of the classes entered. The Training Band also gained 1st place along with our new Chamber Choir gaining 1st place and top marks. The Senior Guitar Ensemble also gained 1st place in their class. With our Junior Guitar ensemble gained a silver medal and our Dance ensembles also gained silver medals in their sections with our Drama Group also gaining a gold medal in their class with Ellis gaining a gold medal with Michael gaining a silver medal in the drama class.

The Senior Woodwind Ensemble and Woodwind Ensemble gained 3rd place in both of our classes. Other ensembles that also played were the Brass Ensemble and the Saxophone Ensemble.

Some notable comments from the adjudicators were:

  • “A good blend of wind and brass sounds with committed percussion playing”
  • “A well polished performance”
  • “Very musical from beginning to end”
  • “Everything in place both musically and technically”
  • “A well trained musical group”

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