Monday 25th January 2021

Focus on Physics


The focus in Physics this term is to prepare year 11 for choosing their 6th form options. Armed with Liquid Nitrogen and other tricks; we set up Caf Science at the University of Liverpool, Central Teaching Labs. The aim of this day, back in May, was to introduce year 11 students to people who had picked Physics at A level and ask them about their own experiences. The hope was that the pupils could make a better informed decision about Physics and what you can use it for in real life.

Two year 13 pupils; Amy and Connor underwent Liquid Nitrogen Training to deliver a session to year 11 pupils from across the city. They made liquid nitrogen ice-cream for everyone and demonstrated the science behind it.

The Ogden Trust helped us to organise a revision event hosted at Gateacre School in May. This was designed, prepared and delivered by 6th Form students to year 11 students. The idea was that both groups of pupils would be going over the main topics prior to their exams in a fun and hands on way. Our pupils Lauren Shaw and Amy Teasdale delivered a session on the Lifecycle of a Star to pupils from other schools around the city. Michael, Kyle and Sarah delivered a session on using distance-time graphs in the exam. The feedback from year 11; was that it was very helpful in their understanding of the topics for the exam some even found it fun!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those 6th form students involved for giving up their free time at evenings and weekends to prepare and deliver these sessions during their own run up to exams. Its shows their dedication and commitment to Physics and the college.


In July the year 12 Physics class visited the National Space Academy in Leicester for to attend a Master class. The pupils took part in workshops to answer questions such as; what happens if you don't wear a space suit? How fast do you have to travel to leave the Earth? They also tested a human hover board to check the effects of momentum. In the afternoon they saw a show about Aliens in the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium. Pupils took part in a competition to design, build and launch their own rockets.

The Odgen Trust

This year we have been fortunate enough to nominate two pupils for the acclaimed; Ogden Trust Physicist of the Year Awards. Our winner in the Year 11 category was Shaun for his outstanding contribution to Physics. Amy was the Year 13 winner for her contribution to Physics outreach and her general diligence in her pursuit of Physics. Both students become Ogden Alumni which entitles them to apply for university bursaries in the future.

Amy and her family attended the Awards evening where they were treated to a Particle Physics lecture; delivered by Dr Barry King, part of the team who discovered the Higgs Boson.


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