Monday 25th January 2021

Project Ghana Visit

On Thursday the 10th July, 2014, Ms Catherine Nelson, who is the Distribution Leader for Project Ghana, visited the Head teacher, Mr Dickinson, for a short meeting. Present at the meeting were some members of the Planning Committee: - Mr Benson, Ms Johnson and Mr Nelson.

The purpose of her visit was to update the Head teacher on the progress made from the last donations that were shipped to Ghana, the bulk of which came from Archbishop Beck. Other donors that constituted part of this consignment were Bellerive FCJ Catholic College, Calderstones School, Archbishop Blanch School and Broadgreen International School. In her presentation, Ms Nelson showed how some of the donation was used to support orphanages in Takoradi, which had similar needs as schools in Ghana.

Regarding Challenges, Ms Nelson commented on the need for partnership arrangements with schools in the Liverpool area with those in Ghana in the long term. With this arrangement, schools in the UK will establish links with these schools that will both sustain their support and monitor progress of performance in these schools. Mr Dickinson further proposed to the committee alternate ways of raising funds for the project in future.

Ms Nelson thanked the Head teacher, the Senior Leadership Team and the Planning Committee for their support and invaluable contributions to make the project a success.

Mr Dickinson closed the meeting by thanking Ms Nelson for her visit and update.


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