Sunday 27th September 2020

Open Evening

Record numbers of parents attended the Archbishop Beck Catholic College Open Evening - the first Open Evening to be held in our new College.

Our staff counted 480 families walked through our doors on Thursday 25th September. Headteacher Mr Dickinson said, "the high numbers of parents who have decided to attend our Open Evening is not just because we have a new building with outstanding facilities, but also testament to the hard work and commitment of our staff who have made our students reach such fantastic examination results."

We were always hopeful that one day our daughter would have the opportunity to attend a great school - thankfully, Archbishop Beck have provided it!

Visiting Parent, Thursday 25th September

Wow! The new college is massive! Its big from the outside, but it's massive when you get inside!!! We loved the fashion!

Visiting Student, Thursday 25th September

The college looks absolutely amazing! Sarah, my daughter wants to learn dance, and that was the first thing we saw in the Dance Studio. She was made up!

Visiting Parent, Thursday 25th September

We are really impressed with the staff and the students that we've met. Also the facilities that the college has is second to none!

Visiting Parent, Thursday 25th September


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