Thursday 21st January 2021

Official Opening of the College Campus and Blessing of the Chapel

Friday 3rd October 2014

Special Guests

  • Mayor Joe Anderson OBE
  • Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP
  • Baroness Estelle Morris

Order of Proceedings

  • Prayer - Headboy: Ellis & Headgirl: Sophie
  • College Chamber Choir - The Prayer (Foster & Bayer Sager)
  • Headteacher's Address and Thanks
  • Music Performance - Music for an Occasion (World Premiere) - Peter Meechan (Special Commission by Archbishop Beck Catholic College for the opening of the new campus)
  • Music Performance - Highland Cathedral Korb & Roever
  • Unveiling of the commemorative plaque - Mayor Joe Anderson & Baroness Estelle Morris
  • Final Prayer & Reflection - Archbishop Malcolm McMahon
  • Blessing of the Chapel - Archbishop Malcolm McMahon

Our Prayer

Out of wood and stone, metal and glass, out of dreams and vision, the people have built a school.

This building now stands as proof of the creative talents of the architects, planners and builders; as testament to the belief, inspiration and courage of its pioneers; as a living, breathing witness to the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is a building that is whole and complete.

Today we dedicate it as a place for teaching and learning, for pondering and reflecting on the wonders of the world in which we live, and on the amazing varieties of life. We are grateful for this beautiful school, designed with particular features that echo the special character of this community, the culture of its members, and the hope of a better world.

We all have a right to be seen not in our weakness but, like this structure, in our true beauty and rich potential. We pray that, given the right environment, all of our students will grow in faith, maturity and wisdom.

Our school is unique. Let us invite others in to share in our uniqueness.

Let us welcome rich and poor, great and small, those who are still outside looking in, and those who long to feel included.

May this school extend dignity and respect to all who enter.

May these classrooms provide opportunities to give and to receive.

May these windows let in not just the brightness of day but the light of learning. May they symbolize an openness to self, to community, and to the world beyond.

May excellence shine!

Let us acknowledge the greatest quality of this edifice; its true lifeblood - its people.

Bless, Lord, the students of Archbishop Beck Catholic College.

Bless the teachers and all those who work for the good of our students and who strive to nurture exceptional growth. We ask for your blessing on the families, friends and communities of the school, that they may all share in the special task of building up healthy, confident, engaged young people.

Lord God, this school now stands. It is whole; it is complete.

May the work of Archbishop Beck Catholic College continue until - like this building - all are able to stand, and to find in themselves that they too are whole and complete.

We make our prayer through Christ Our Lord - AMEN.

The Holy Spirit Window

Our stained glass window in the college chapel is there to remind us that the Holy Spirit (represented by the hands) should always be at work in our lives. It is a powerful reminder that we all have a very important role to play as members of the college community so that, through our actions, thoughts and words, we spread the good news of the Gospel.

The designer of this wonderful piece of work, fused glass artist Paul Kelly, reflects, "This window is my visual interpretation of the Holy Spirit. The hands represent the protecting, comforting support which guides us throughout life's journey. The colours radiating from the hands symbolise the breadth of God's creation".

For the young people whose lives will be shaped through their time in this College, our hope is that, through this window, their faith is strengthened, and that their talents and skills are developed to allow them success as they journey on life's pathway.

The Artist

Paul Kelly moved to England in 2006 from Dublin where he spent all of his formative years. His work is hugely influenced by his early life as a panel beater where he learnt to shape and form metal.

After many years of mastering classical stained glass, carving slate into traditional Celtic designs and doing specific commissions, Paul has found his medium in fused glass where he expresses his much more contemporary and original designs in tune with his love of all nature, capturing a sense of beauty that is nascent in all life.

Music for an Occasion

This work, composed by Dr Peter Meecham, was played by the Archbishop Beck Catholic College band, and inspired by the Campus building.

This new wind band work was commissioned by the College Concert Band and will be given its world premiere as part of this official opening ceremony.

The work is called 'Music for an Occasion" and is in three movements:

  • Building
  • Hymn
  • Keep Building

Each of the movements broadly outlines the process of building the new campus, so the first movement is titled BUILDING, opening with percussive sounds of metal being played by the percussion section to portray the builders building the college. This permeates the work in the first and last movements.

The next movement is called HYMN and is meant to provide a reflective movement to thank all those who have made this new campus possible.

Concluding with the third and final movement titled KEEP BUILDING, which tells the College community to keep building on the excellent foundations both physical and academically that have been laid for future generations.


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