Sunday 27th September 2020

Leadership - Pushing Boundaries

Two Archbishop Beck, Sixth Form students Daniel & Simba embraced an opportunity to attend a Leadership conference in which the intrepid explorer Ranulph Fiennes was one of the guest speakers.

This conference was an invitation only event and Archbishop Beck were offered 2 tickets! Both Daniel and Simba deserved to be invited as they have demonstrated proven Leadership skills whilst studying at Archbishop Beck.

The event started at 3.25pm with a welcome message from the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Erica Kemp. Following this, Julian Rathbone, Investment Director at Rathbones and Jenny Stewart, CEO, Liverpool Chamber of Commerce provided introductions.

Simba is particularly interested in following a career in Financial Investment Management, he found the talk given by Julian Chillingworth the Chief Investment Officer at Rathbones extremely valuable. Next up on the podium was Max Steinberg CBE, CEO of Liverpool Vision and then the true inspiration Sir Ranulph Fiennes gave the audience an insight into his life and spoke about the importance of teamwork and creative thinking.

Both students then made the most of the opportunity to network with the other invitees and enjoyed a Q&A session at the end of the conference followed by canapes not bad for a Tuesday night!

Here is what both students thought of the conference:

Interesting, intriguing, Insightful and well worth the time! Both students commented on the fact that good engaging speeches should include an element of humour at appropriate times, as all speakers incorporated humour into their speech and this resulted in an audience that were captivated and eagerly waiting to hear what happened next!

They also enjoyed listening to how the corporate world gets involved in charitable events for a number of different regional and national charities.

By listening to the stories of others (which included overcoming some hurdles) both students are looking forward to what the future holds for them.


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