Friday 15th January 2021

Year 7 Speed Awareness

On Friday 7th November and Tuesday 11th November, Martyn McInulty, Chief Liverpool Road Safety Officer came into college to work with Year 7’s on Road Safety.

This is a part of our college ‘Safety Awareness Campaign’. As well as discussing the dangers, Y7 were using speed guns to measure the speed of the vehicles coming along Long Lane. As all students have to come into school using this road, it is a key part of our safety awareness training. They also discussed good places to cross the road and how to be constantly aware of the dangers.

These are some quotes from the students who took part

"I liked it because it was fun and made me think how fast cars go and can kill people."

"It made me think to be careful around roads. It was exciting to use a speed gun."

"I thought it was interesting but I’m disgusted that they go fast where children cross."

"I really loved this lesson because we have learnt how dangerous lots of roads are and not to be messing around on them."

"I thought the speed gun was fun and educational. It wish we could have stayed out a little longer, it made me think why people speed on that road."

"I thought it was interesting because I can see the speed of the cars, I loved it."

"It was good because we got to see how fast the cars actually go and how dangerous it is to run across the road."

"I enjoyed it because I could see how fast and how people could be in danger."

"I found the road was very busy. I found a car going at 60 mph."


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