Tuesday 19th January 2021

College Banner

I am pleased to announce the completion of the new college banner which was planned to coincide with our move to the new college campus; new beginnings for all! The original banner had served us well. It has represented the college at numerous events over the past 20 years. The workmanship was exceptional, but unfortunately due to wear and sun damage over time it had to be retired.

Selected pupils - Amy, Christina, Reiss and Rhys under the tuition of our outstanding needlework support teacher, Mrs. Smith, were charged with the task of creating a new college banner. They worked tirelessly over many months to produce our incredible new banner. Mrs. Smith stated “I was amazed by the unflagging interest of the many students who took an active interest in the banner’s progress over time. I was humbled by the gratitude, compliments and personal thanks directed to me as project leader”.

Many thanks to the students for their effort, commitment and interest in what was effectively a college community project!

The new banner made its debut at the Nugent Care Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral. This was followed by the annual trip to Lourdes. Many excellent comments and praise have been given so far - again well done to all!

Mrs. Smith, Mr. Dickinson and the students with our new college banner.

Photographs by Mr Davidson


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