Sunday 27th September 2020

Three Images

We continue to mark our ‘new beginnings’ ethos not only through the ‘Three Images,’ which are central to our commitment to the education of our young people but also reigniting theses values with our own college staff. Therefore, the New Year began with the staff working with Sister Catherine Darby, who was inspirational in exploring what it means to be a Catholic College in this day and age. To mirror the words and testimonies of Sister Catherine Darby, we as a college have now placed the ‘Three Images’ at the entrance to the College which reflect her sentiments further:

  • The first image is of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which instils us with a wider sense of community and collective responsibility we live and work in a country that has a strong sense of democracy and equality.
  • The second image, is of Christ the Redeemer, helping us to understand the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. This imagine reinforces the idea of a living community and is a reminder that we are a member of the Liverpool Archdiocese family of Catholic schools. Ironically, the sense of community has been further reiterated with this imagine, as it was kindly donated to us by Mr Tom Murphy, whom for many years was Chief Photographer for the catholic press of the Archdiocese.
  • The third image is of Pope Francis, who is pivotal in reminding us that we are all members of the Catholic Church and as such, follow gospel values. We aspire, under the work that he undertakes to show respect and support for all members of our community to achieve their very best.

Finally we see the visualization of a community that welcomes all through its doors guided by the Holy Spirit represented in our chapel window.


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