Friday 15th January 2021

Jimmy Mizen Foundation Visit

We were delighted to welcome to our College, Mrs. Margaret Mizen and Nikki Walford from the Jimmy Mizen Foundation recently. Margaret’s 16 year old son Jimmy was killed in a senseless, unprovoked attack in May 2008 which left the family devastated. A strong belief in God, as well as a determination not to become victims to this terrible incident saw Margaret and her husband Barry set up a foundation in Jimmy’s name with the desire to keep his memory alive.

The family opened The Cafe of Good Hope initially run by members of Jimmy’s family. All proceeds from the cafe go towards running various charity and community projects and for local youngsters to get work experience at the cafe. (There are now 3 cafes run by the Foundation.)

Margaret and Barry also tour the country visiting schools, colleges, prisons, youth and church groups telling of and sharing their story and our year 8 students and year 12/13 were privileged to share time with Margaret who told students how a “crazy 3 minutes” changed the lives of so many people on one fine day back in 2009. Students listened intently to her story and asked questions of Margaret as to how she has been able to move on with her life since then she reminded the students that they are never alone if they allow God to be there for them as has been the case for her and the family.

Assemblies to both year groups ended with student led rounds of applause and appreciation with many students staying back to speak further with Margaret. The occasion was best summed up when Mr. Postlethwaite had a student say to him “after hearing that ladies story I’ll try to be the best that I can and not waste the opportunities given to me, because her son will never have that chance.


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