Sunday 27th September 2020

Until they Kick us Out

The Oscars may be over and the famous red carpet put away for another year but for one Archbishop Beck Catholic College 6th Form student star performances have been the order of the day.

Aaron Barker has been taking part in the highly acclaimed YEP play "Until They Kick us Out". The show ran from Wednesday 25th to Saturday 28th February at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool.

The main theme of this vibrant and relevant piece was devised to take a bold, political look at the issues facing young people today.

Exploring themes such as feminism, immigration and war, Until They Kick Us Out is seventy minutes of powerful expression cleverly manipulated by the 35 strong ensemble. Telling the story of a misheard and rejected generation, Until They Kick Us Out follows a group of young people getting their opinions and views across, and wanting to be heard. To do this, they form their own political party and try running for Parliament to ensure they are heard and gain the seat in Wavertree.

Speaking after the lights had been dimmed for the last time on Saturday evening, Aaron said, "it was a gruelling schedule of nightly performances, lots of lines to learn and lots of rehearsals, even in half term, but the end result was truly amazing, inspirational  and one that I will always remember".

"This has truly been an unforgettable experience, from developing the show from October to Christmas, then developing the ideas from New Year to the shows week long run into a pulsating, energetic, moving, hilarious, and all together amazing piece of theatre! I can honestly say I have had the time of my life during this time and have got to perform at the Everyman, learn so much and meet some amazing people and have a dream come true!"

He added, "But there is no time to rest as I am also taking part in the College production of "Guys and Dolls, playing Nicely-Nicely Johnson!"

The Everyman has a proud and unique record for launching the careers of many famous British actors. For example, Eddie Redmayne and Julie Walters, are two British actors that have been made famous by their involvement with the Everyman.

Guys and Dolls opens at the College on March 18th, starting time 7.00 p.m.

Further details from the College office 0151 525 6326.


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