Saturday 16th January 2021

St Joseph s Hospice Sixth Form Talk

As part of the 6th form NOCN RE course, year 12 and 13 students were given a talk by Director of Fundraising Pat Murphy about the work of St Joseph s Hospice (Jospice) both here in Thornton, Liverpool and around the world in Asia and Central America.

Pat explained to students the origins of the organization, the vision of its founder Father Francis O Leary and how today it works to still give dignity to those who terminally ill or disadvantaged like the many orphans who live in cr ches run by Jospice.

The association was founded on the 19th March (Feast day of St Joseph) 1972 and as it is now 53 years old, our 6th Form Students have taken on the challenge of raising 53.00 to support the work of the Hospice.

After the talk, some students spoke of a desire to find out more about the work of the Hospice and of volunteering opportunities both here and overseas. If you would yourself would like to know more about Jospice International please visit the site below:

Mr. Postlethwaite who arranged the talk, actually worked at the Hospice for 5 years before going into teaching and said that the talk brought back many happy memories of a place that will always be dear to his heart. He echoed Pat s words about taking up the opportunity to become involved with the work of Jospice or indeed any local hospice as it is an involvement that gives back to the individual as much as they are giving to the association.


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