Sunday 24th January 2021

Writers of the Future

The recent writing competition at Archbishop Beck drew an unprecedented number of entries from all year groups across the College. The competition really enabled the students to capture their imagination and envisage what the World will look like in 2035.

The English Department was thrilled with the level of skill the students applied to their writing pieces and their unique takes on what our future will look like... from robotic control to the essence of the World being united as one in conquering adversity, pollution and poverty.

There were some exceptional and inspirational pieces of writing and all of the students who entered the competition should be incredibly proud of their achievements and efforts. However, there has to be one overall winner and the College would like to congratulate Amy on her endearing account of the World in 2035.

Headteacher Paul Dickinson said, “The writing competition drew a real enthusiasm and passion for writing from all the entries submitted. It was a real pleasure to read so many varied accounts. I think Amy’s entry was particularly impressive and engaging, considering Amy is only in Year 8. However, special recognition needs to go to James, Year 10, Rachel, Year 10 and Sean Year 11, for their incredible entries too.”

Amy will receive Archbishop Beck’s first ever writing plaque, as well as her name being on the ‘Celebratory Writer’s Board.


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