Saturday 16th January 2021

Give and Gain Day - 15th May 2015

A number of Archbishop Beck students from Year 8 and Year 9 participated in a ‘Give and Gain’ Day that was organised by Business in the Community and Carillion Construction. The purpose of the day was well and truly achieved breaking down the barriers between the different generations. Students listened intently to the stories being told about the experiences that the older generations had whilst growing up in times gone by. Students were amazed to learn that many of the Senior Citizens who attended the Give and Gain Day had left school and were in full time employment by the time they were 15! All students were pleased that times have changed.

Students and Senior Citizens engaged in a number of activities throughout the day. Everyone participated in a quick fire question and answer session, worked together in teams competing against each other in a quiz. Our students then took part in a game of Bingo a favourite past time for the Senior Citizens present, then it was the turn of the Senior Citizens to take part in teambuilding activities normally enjoyed by the younger generation.

Archbishop Beck were honoured to accept a Second World War medal presented to the students by Rita, a member of our local community. This shows how positive relationships were built on the 15th May and how much trust that has been established between the different generations.

Rachel Fortune from BITC was extremely pleased with the day “Today was a great day. All took part in the activities and I think that by bringing the difference generations together, a new found respect has developed. It’s an inspiration to see people from different age groups come together and talk about their teen years.”

Rachel Moore from Carillion had a wonderful day “it was great to see different generations integrating and having fun together, a lovely experience to watch and be part of”.

As always, the feedback about our students was outstanding.


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