Sunday 27th September 2020

College Promotes and Hosts Festival of Words

“Are you a speaker with awareness? Are you able to control how your body and voice act when you stand up to speak in public? Do you even know what happens when you’re speaking? Awareness is the foundation of inspiring public speaking!”

For over 50 young student’s they demonstrated total awareness in how to captivate an audience, get across their arguments and inspire us to think about many issues of modern society.

These young public speakers came to Archbishop Beck Catholic College to take part in the Annual Year 5 Public speaking Festival held on Tuesday 16th June.

The schools involved were:

  • St Francis de Sales Should fast-food outlets be banned ?
  • All Saints Primary School - Was the sinking of the Titanic a natural or man-made disaster?
  • Blessed Sacrament Primary School - Technology verses Leisure
  • Our Lady & St Swithin Should violent video games be banned?

The judging panel was led by Mr Paul Holleley from the English Speaking Union (ESU) and also comprised two of the college’s outstanding young public speakers Maisie and Katy, both award winning public speakers in their own right.

Mr Holleley “praised the public speakers who had spent time carefully selecting their topics and diligently practising their skills, I was so impressed on how they focused on their voice control, projection, pace, eye contact, selection and emphasis of dramatic words and phrases, as well as body language, this really enabled them to develop and convey a confident demeanor. He added students arrived eager to impress. The audience and judges were not to be disappointed as these young people displayed truly outstanding public speaking performances. Well done”

Mrs. McAllister Deputy Head at the College said “an outstanding day of outstanding performances and speeches delivered by outstanding young people”.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

Winston Churchill

And the winner is St Francis de Sales Primary School.


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