Saturday 16th January 2021

Year 5 Primary Pupils Visit College Campus

Recently, we were delighted to welcome to the College Year 5 pupils from Leamington and Longmoor Lane Primary Schools. The pupils came to the college to work with the Art, Design and Technology departments for intensive workshops.

The pupils from Leamington took part in food workshops making healthy “Apricot Oaty Biscuits” gaining great experience in food preparation and oven management skills.

From all accounts the pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves and all took a bag of biscuits home to share with their families. They all want to know when they can come back again!

Another group of pupils from Longmoor Lane worked with members of the Art department to produce artwork using an Aboriginal style art technique. They decorated symbols such as turtles and lizards while another group used mark making to create different effects making 3D models of birds.

Mrs Ball, co-ordinator of the workshops, was very impressed with the work of the young guests, their outstanding manners and their strong commitment to excellent outcomes.

Headteacher of the College Paul Dickinson speaking after the event said, “We always work closely with our local primary schools and are delighted when we are able to work collaboratively on specific projects”.


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