Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Disney Trip

Visit to Disneyland Paris - 6th to 9th July 2015.

After many months of preparation, planning and rehearsals, the much anticipated Disneyland Paris Performing Arts Tour took place.

The Award Winning Dance Ensembles and Choir travelled to France for performances at Disneyland, Paris and they were outstanding and very well received.

A number of other excursions also formed part of the very busy schedule. One of these was to the beautiful Paris Opera House, which left our students in awe at this magnificent building. Also, there was a visit to Alvin Ailey theatre Dance Ensemble Show, the premier Dance Ensemble in the world. A truly memorable and rewarding experience!

Two amazing cultural visits culminated in the fantastic performances at Disneyland, Paris the students were outstanding ambassadors for the College, Liverpool and the UK.

Ms Sue Forster, tour leader, speaking on the groups return to Liverpool said “the students were amazing, the tour outstanding and the camaraderie displayed by all during the tour was fantastic.”

Director of Music, Bruce Hicks, who accompanied the party, said “Disneyland, Paris was a fantastic place to perform, where infectious sweetness and smiles, contagious charm, laughter and sheer friendliness and happiness became the hallmark of Disney 2015”.


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