Sunday 17th January 2021

Year 10 Most Able Activities

University of Liverpool July 2015

Working in partnership with Liverpool University, Archbishop Beck Catholic College have developed a unique pathway to success for our most able students.

As part of this programme in July 2015 our most able year 10 students were invited to attend a residential at the University of Liverpool. The event was aimed at raising the awareness and aspirations of student towards higher education highlighting the career paths open to someone who opts for a Humanities, Science, or Health based course at university. The programme was designed to give young people a realistic taste of both the academic and social side of university life whilst encouraging them to make the links between their school curriculum, university study and future career choices.

The young people spent three days on campus where they took part in hands-on sessions delivered by University of Liverpool academics and student advocates. Our most able students were given the opportunity to tailor their own programme of study by selecting a range of sessions of most interest related to their potential future careers.

In the evenings the students stayed at the University of Liverpool’s halls of residence to give them a real taste of what it is like to be a student living independently away from home. Furthermore there was a full social programme in the evening to help the students feel relaxed and make new friends.

The reviews from our student on return from the residential were extremely positive with many student mind-set now focused on progressing to the ‘Russell Group Universities’.


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