Monday 26th October 2020

Awards Evening

It was a great occasion at the Annual Archbishop Beck Catholic College Awards evening when in the words of Headteacher Paul Dickinson, "we welcome one of our own back tonight."

He was of course referring to Guest of Honour Mr Stephen McNally, a barrister in Exchange Chambers, Liverpool.

His message to the college community showed sincerity and a can do attitude, combined with Stephen’s notable sense of humour.

He said, “It is indeed a great honour and joy and privilege to be here with you this evening and particular thanks to your Headteacher Paul Dickinson for extending the invitation. Mr Dickinson actually taught me A Level Geography, he added, and that is why I have to always use a Sat Nav to find my way.”

Stephen praised the college community and said: “this is not a typical school. This college sets you on the path way to success. Make sure you use your options that qualifications gained here at the College will give to you, carve out a career in your life and do not leave it to anyone else nor think that because you are from the inner city and not from the so called leafy areas of Liverpool that you cannot be a barrister, or any other high calibre profession. I did, so you can as well!”

Many thanks to Stephen for presenting the awards and his inspirational speech.


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