Saturday 23rd January 2021

Introducing Paul Head Boy
2015 - 2016

What primary school did you go to?

I went to St Francis de Sales. I enjoyed my time there. This is where I developed my love of reading.

How do you see your role as Head Boy?

Representing the college as Head Boy is a huge responsibility which I am honoured to have. I see myself as someone to look to when my peers want to discuss any issues surrounding college life. I want to lead by example. I am a member of the student voice and this allows me to talk directly to students and teachers about issues that affect college life.

Personal strengths?

My personal strengths are probably my self-motivation to achieve the best I can in my studies. I want to do well so that I can have my chosen career. I’ve been told that I am very approachable which enables students to talk to me and discuss any matters inside or outside of college.

If I was Prime Minister?

I feel the current government shows a complete disregard for the welfare of the working class who are continually manipulated by business leaders in the private sector. As PM I would ensure the introduction of a living wage which allows hard working people a decent standard of living.

Plans & Ambitions?

I have an open mind about what area of work I want to go in to however, I hope to achieve my A Level targets and go on to study History and Politics at a prestigious university.

Highlights at the College?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I would say the highlight would be representing the college in London for the “Premier League Enterprise Challenge”. It was a pleasure to meet our local MP Steve Rotherham and to have a tour of Westminster, the heart of British politics.


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