Monday 18th January 2021

Celebrating Success - Megan, Year 10 Q & A

How long have you been Irish dancing and why are you so keen on that genre?

I have been dancing for 11 years and have been greatly influenced by my family who have all been Irish Dancers, over the years, and it is something that I kind of fell into, but really enjoy it.

What do you like about it?

Different style to normal dancing, requiring a very different set of skills to achieve a high standard.

What things have you won in the past?

I have won many awards over the years, the most recent was when I won the individual event at a competition in Manchester. I have also taken part in the recent British National Irish dancing competition and I have recently returned from the All Ireland’s Dancing championships held in Killarney.

Have you a role model and why is that person chosen?

My role model is Michael Flatley because he wanted to change the perception of Irish dancing and in particular male dancers. He has, in fact, reignited the genre and it is now at an all-time high in popularity.

What opportunities and experiences has Irish dancing provided for you?

I have had the opportunity to do lots of travelling including trips to Glasgow and to Ireland, and many other places in between. This has given me a great deal of confidence and allowed me to meet some wonderful people.

One of the features of Irish Dancing are the stunning costumes.

Yes, that is certainly true and very much part of the genre; my own costume is white and gold and embellished with “diamonds”. These outfits are very expensive but are there to enhance the dancing and also to provide a spectacular viewing experience for the audience and judges. I will be wearing this costume at the forth coming “All Ireland” dance competition. There will be performers from all over the world and I am looking forward to a wonderful experience.


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