Sunday 24th January 2021

Congratulating Success - Mark - Year 13

Q & A with this outstanding sports personality

How long have you been wrestling and why are you so keen on that sport?

I have been wrestling for 6 years this November. My keenness comes from the challenge that true sport brings, from the weight cutting to my opponent on the other side of the mat. It is never easy but I always look forward to overcoming the tasks the sport gives me.

What do you like about it?

The thing I like about wrestling is the true adrenalin rush you get from wrestling in front of lots of people

What awards have you won in the past?

In the past I have been a National Champion, three times English Champion and held titles across the country countless times. I have won seven opens and wrestled over 40 times. I went undefeated in 2013.

Have you a role model and why is this person so special to you?

My inspiration is Jordan Burroughs. He is an American wrestler and 2012 Olympic gold medallist. He is a three times world champion. I hope to achieve what he has achieved in the sport.

What opportunities and experiences has wrestling provided for you?

Wrestling has provided me with many great opportunities. My favourite and most proud is wrestling for Team GB three times, twice in Latvia and once in Spain where I came fourth.

One of the traits of award winning athletes is having a positive attitude, how important is that to you?

My positive attitude comes from my coach. He keeps me motivated and constantly reminds me of what I can achieve if I continue to focus and work hard, such as being a future Olympic and Commonwealth athlete which I aim to achieve.


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