Wednesday 21st October 2020

Jasvinder Sanghera Talk

Inspirational Talk by Jasvinder Sanghera to Year 11 and Post 16 Students.

Jasvinder is listed by The Guardian as one of the world's 100 most Inspirational Women, she has been fighting forced marriages and honour based abuse - both in her native Britain and internationally.

The charity Karma Nirvana she founded in 1993 has helped establish several refuge centres for South Asian men and women fleeing forced marriages. Her commitment stems from personal experience, after running away from home fourteen years old, faced with the prospect of a forced marriage.

The students found Jasvinder’s story very inspirational and enlightening, they responded with enthusiasm and asked Jasvinder some very challenging questions. Many expressed interest in volunteering within her charity Karma Nirvana, opportunities we will explore in the coming weeks.

‘I found Jasvinder’s story an eye opener to what occurs within different societies and cultures and felt empowered to make a difference.’
Gemma, Year 12.

‘I personally found Jasvinder’s story absolutely inspiring. It genuinely touched my heart because I had a friend in Afghanistan who was forced into an arranged marriage which really affected me at the time. Her inspiring story has encouraged me to finally make a decision on the course I will apply to at University, I now hope to study Human Rights Law at University and I hope to become and ambassador for equality.’
Soman, Year 13

‘As I come from a different culture/society the views of Jasvinder match my views on forced marriage, I found this campaign inspirational, educational and supportive for those in need of advice.’
Eman, Year 13

‘Jasvinder’s story was truly inspiring and highlighted how privileged I am to receive a quality education and have the full support of my family.’
Rachel, Year 12


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