Thursday 21st January 2021

University of Liverpool Trip

A group of Year 7 & Year 9 students had the opportunity to sample University life on Wednesday 18th November.

The event was arranged so that both Year 7 & Year 9 could see the University first hand, learn more about student life and also to give them the motivation to push themselves towards higher education.

The event involved a series of sessions designed by the Widening Participation Team at University of Liverpool and delivered by University of Liverpool Graduate and Student Advocates. Graduate and Student Advocates are all current University students, or have recently graduated, and so can speak from recent experience about their time in higher education and can act as role models to the visiting students.

An interactive lecture was also organised, and delivered by a member of academic staff, to show the equipment and facilities used in Higher Education.

Each of the sessions focused on a different aspect of personal development for our students and had been designed to increase the students motivation towards education, expand their knowledge and vocabulary of University, develop an understanding of a ‘progression journey’ through education and increase their aspirations for the future.

The visit also allowed the young people to ask questions about University, disproving myths about higher education and giving more information about their educational journey and their future options.

The sessions delivered on the visit day included:

  • ‘Why University?’ Presentation
  • Campus Tour
  • Study Skills Workshop
  • ‘Science Is Cool’ Sample Lecture
  • Student Question and Answer Session

At the end of the last session the young people were asked to fill in an evaluation to feedback what they have gained from the sessions and how they could be improved.

Student Quotes

  • “I really liked the science is cool session”
  • “Next time I would like to do and see more”
  • “I would like to do more practical things rather than sit and watch”
  • “I enjoyed the campus tour”
  • “I enjoyed seeing all of the buildings and how many there is”
  • “It was a great day and I would definitely love to go to University in the future”
  • “I really enjoyed it but could improve on the dinner part”
  • “Becca made my day as she was fun and this University is huge and interesting”
  • “I learnt how to manage my money a lot better and the science is cool was good”
  • “Today has been brilliant and I am more likely to go to Liverpool University now”
  • “It would be better if we had actual lessons”
  • “The visit makes me want to go to Liverpool University”
  • “It was a really good visit, I learned more about activities I could do in my free time and really enjoyed the campus visit. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the day”
  • “I had a really good and fun day and definitely want to go to University when I’m older”
  • “I learnt a lot more today about the University and definitely want to come here when I am older”
  • “I learnt a lot more about what it’s like in University”

Staff Quotes

What is your overall opinion of the visit to the University of Liverpool?

  • “Well organised day shopping basket was very useful.
  • “Interesting and informative, helpful and friendly advocates”
  • “Excellent pleasant advocates who were very welcoming and informative”
  • “Really good day and staff were very helpful and friendly”
Which activities worked well / didn’t work well and why?
  • “Science and funding/ spending activity worked well”
  • “All the activities worked well as they engaged the pupils, especially the science experiments”
  • “All activities went well I think students got a lot out of it”
Do you feel the experience was of benefit to the class/group and why?
  • “Very beneficial to the students”
  • “Yes, children enjoyed learning about University life”
  • “A great experience for the pupils to get to know about student life”
  • “Yes as there was lots of information and activities for students”
Further comments from Sarah Hanson Co-ordinator of visit and a past Archbishop Beck student!
  • “I look forward to lots of visits from ABHS in the future”


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