Monday 18th January 2021

Chloe Murphy Returns to the College

News from Alumni

Former student Chloe Murphy (2004-2011) returned to the College recently to meet with Mr Dickinson, her former teachers and to tour our fabulous new campus. Chloe was really impressed with the new facilities particularly the sports complex. The College certainly has a ‘wow’ factor.

Chloe returned to Liverpool for the Christmas break from her new home in Tampa, Florida where she is the number one women’s tennis player in South Florida State University. She related many aspects about life in the USA highly competitive tennis programme, coping with her studies and injuries, even how she had an injury to her right arm so switched to compete at the highest level playing left handed. Chloe is an example to other students on how, with hard work and determination, you will be successful. Mr Dickinson has invited Chloe back, next time she is in Liverpool, to give an insight into her life in Florida.

We wish Chloe all the best as she recovers from her recent injuries and completes her studies.

Chloe with Mr Dickinson (left) and Mr McNulty


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